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frequently asked questions

How many teams are in each division?
A minimum of 4 teams and a maximum of 10 teams will be in each division.

Will grades be mixed?
We will try to keep grades separate, but they may be mixed based on certain cases.
Example: There are (5) recreational 5th grade teams, (1) competitive 5th grade team, and (4) competitive 6th grade teams. We will place the (1) competitive 5th grade team with the (4) competitive 6th graders if it makes more sense.

My team has players in 2 different grades, which grade should I sign up for?
Please be sure to note on your application if you have a mixed-grade team! You must sign your team up for the oldest grade-level of your players, but there are exceptions. If you have three or more players in a higher grade than the others, you must sign them up for the higher grade level. If you have two or less players in a different grade than the majority of your team, you can register your team for the majority grade. If you are unsure, contact 
Example 1: If you have (4) 3rd graders and (4) 4th graders, you must sign up for the 4th grade league
Example 2: If you have (8) 3rd graders and (1) 4th grader, you can sign up for the 3rd grade league
Example 3: If you have (2) 2nd graders, (4) 3rd graders, and (1) 4th grader, sign up for 3rd grade

What is the difference between competitive and recreational?

  • Competitive is designed for Club teams and A and B level school teams
  • Recreational is designed for athletes who are new to the game, or C level school team

Our T&C house teams (made of individual registrants) will automatically be placed into the lowest possible league, unless otherwise requested.

Does T&C provide coaches?
T&C does not provide coaches for teams or for individuals. The T&C house teams are parent-volunteer coached. If you would like to volunteer-coach, please note that on your registration application.

Does T&C offer coed leagues?
No. Only under special circumstances will we allow a girl to play on a boys team, or vice versa.

Can a T&C house team play the next session together?
Yes! If you would like to continue playing together, all you need to do is register as a team, instead of as individuals.

Can I make a scheduling request?
Teams can make two scheduling requests on their team application. Requests must be made prior to the release of the schedules. Once schedules are posted, they will not be altered. If you forfeit a game the day of, you will be required to pay both referee fees. Please be respectful of the other team and the referee, and let us know well in advance if you cannot make your game time.

  • Acceptable requests: “Need to play after 4pm on March 4”, “Need a BYE on March 11”
  • NOT acceptable requests: “Need to be scheduled around UK basketball games”, “Need to play at 1pm every week”, “Schedule around my baseball schedule (see attached)”.
  • Church requests: If your team attends church on Sunday mornings, please note this on your application. We will do our best to avoid Sunday morning games if/and when possible.

I am coaching 2 teams, can you make sure my games aren't scheduled at the same time?
Please be sure to note in the special request box of the registration application that you are coaching 2 teams! We will do our best to schedule your games at different times, but in some cases they may be scheduled at the same time. Please be prepared to have an assistant coach/parent step in for you.

Do teams need to provide their own uniforms?
If you register a team, you will need to provide your own uniforms. Shorts and socks don’t need to match, but all uniforms must have numbers on the back.

Is practice included in the registration fee?
No. Practice time is not included, but it is offered at a discounted rate for ACYB teams. Rentals are ONLY discounted when teams are in CURRENT session. If interested email with you requested day/time.

Does T&C offer a multiple team discounts?
We will honor a multiple team discount for three or more teams in the same session. Contact for details.

We cannot make it to our game due to an emergency. What do we do?
T&C understands things come up. If you cannot make your game, please contact immediately. We will need to notify the other team and the referee as soon as possible. If you must forfeit the day of your scheduled game, you will be required to pay both your team and your opponents’ referee fees and the game will be marked as a forfeit (0-15).

What happens if the other team does not show up?
After the grace period, if the other team is not present, it will be marked as a forfeit (15-0). Your team can use the court for scrimmage/practice. The team who forfeits will be required to pay both teams’ referee fees.

Our game was cancelled due to weather, will it be made up?
T&C will do its best to reschedule games. If we are unable to reschedule the game, it will be marked as a 0-0 tie.

Can I make changes to my roster after it is turned in?
Rosters are due by the 2nd game, but changes can be made until the 4th game.