T&C Youth Spring 5v5 Recreational League Session

Individual and Team Player Sign Up

Looking for a supplemental youth rec. soccer league this spring? Join us for our Spring 5v5 Recreational League - mirrors outdoor soccer play - indoors!  Have a team - we can keep your kids together!  Need a team - we can help create one!

The primary focus of our Spring 5v5 Recreational League:

  • Introduce players to the soccer "basics" during Warm Up - skills, passing, dribbling, shooting, rules, etc.
  • Emphasize these basics into live game play - soft reffing from T&C Staff with Volunteer Coaches to guide them
  • Outdoor soccer rules while playing "indoors" (no use of the indoor walls, throw ins, no hand balls, goal kicks, etc.)
  • Have fun!

Registration closes on XX/XX/22 - League begins early March 2022!

Email sports@tcsportshealth.com with questions.

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