T&C Youth Indoor

T&C Youth Indoor

Welcome to T&C's Youth Indoor Soccer Winter 2 Session!

Youth Indoor Winter 2 Session

We are accepting individual player registrations for U3 - U16 divisions this session, which could begin mid to late January 2023. Read below for more information on individual sign-ups!

Looking for team registration information? Click here to visit our Winter 2 Indoor Team page!

Email sports@tcsportshealth.com with questions.


Winter 2 Individual Player Registration Deadline: 12/21/2022

Individual Player Sign Up Information


If your player does not have a team, register them as an individual and they will be placed on a T&C house team with other individuals! Have a friend, neighbor, or relative that you want to play with? Include this on your registration form to have them placed on the same team!

Winter 2 Duration:

  • 8 Game Session
    • Small Field Indoor Session could begin as early as 01/17/2023 for some
    • Large Field Indoor Session could begin as early as 01/24/2023 for some
  • All Individual Sign-Ups will be emailed their team placement, volunteer coach information, & first game times at least a week in advance, after the Bracket Review period has closed.

Winter 2 Divisions: U3-U4 COED, U5-U6 COED, U8 Girls, U8 Boys, U10 Girls, U10 Boys, U12 Girls, U12 Boys, U14 Girls, U14 Boys, U16 Girls, U16 Boys

  • Please note that all T&C house teams will be placed in the lowest division for each age group, but this can vary.
  • For U3-U4 Kick Starter Program - click here for more details

Individual Player Pricing: 

  • U3-U16: $105/individual player
    • There are no referee fees for T&C house teams at any youth level

Volunteer Coaches: We require all T&C house teams to have a volunteer coach - if you or someone you know would be interested in coaching a team, please indicate so on the registration form or contact us via email.

Individual Player Uniform: T&C will provide uniform shirts to each individual player to wear for our Winter 1 Session games - please ensure to enter the correct size for your player on the registration form.

Days of play: CLICK HERE

  • Please note: Individual Players are unable to submit specific day of play requests in this program. All T&C House Teams will be playing on any of listed day(s) of play for their age group/gender.

Winter 1 Individual Player Priority: Any current Winter 1 Individual Player that registers by the Winter 2 Indoor Session Deadline of Wednesday, 12/21/2022 will have priority for the Winter 2 Indoor Session. Please note that any Winter 1 Individual Players that register after the listed deadline OR any new registrants not playing in Winter 1 that register cannot be guaranteed acceptance into our Winter 2 Session until after the Bracket Review period is complete.

Individual Player Registration: Registration Deadline is Wednesday, 12/21/2022

General Winter 2 Session Information:

Winter 1 General Info


Game Location:

All U3 - U4 games will be played on our Wall-less Turf - "TC F.C." Wall-less Field

All U6 - U10 games will be played on our Small Indoor Turf - "Assured Partners" Field

All U12 - U16 games will be played on our Large Indoor Turf - "Ortho Cincy" Field

Who Can Register as an Individual Player?

Our Individual Sign-Up Indoor program is for recreational beginner/recreational experienced players ONLY - all teams formed will play in the lowest division for each age group.

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